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Kiteboarding (also known as Kite Surfing) is one of the most exciting watersports you can do.  A cross between windsurfing, wakeboarding and paragliding, kite boarding delivers a real thrill to those who master the sport.  Once you learn to keep the kite airborne, you'll speed across the water at a high rate of speed - very exciting!  With practice, you may even be able to do high-flying aerial acrobatics, actually sailing through the air doing spins and tricks, high out of the water.

Our expert staff offers you the opportunity of a lifetime - to learn kite boarding on the beautiful white sand beaches of Tulum, and its warm blue-green waters.  We offer lessons to all skill levels of riders - from beginner to expert - and different time frames to suit various levels of interest and budgets.  To really get flying, we recommend a 12 hour course over 3 days, but for those with less time we offer a 6 hour course over 2 days (we recommend at least 6 hours to really get to enjoy yourself for first-timers), a 4 hour one-day course, and a series of 2 hour courses.

Playa del Carmen Kiteboarding Highlights

Learn the skills necessary to master kiteboarding!

Speed across the water with the power of wind!

Learn at the hands of our certified instructors!

When: Available every windy day.  Most consistent wind conditions are between Nov 15th and May 15th.

Where: Meet at the Watersports School at Ocho Tulum Resort, Km 8 Carretera Tulum-Boca Paila.

How Long: Advanced 2 Hour and 3 Hour Classes and Beginner 4 Hour, 6 Hour (over 2 days) and 12 Hour (over 3 days) lesson packages available.  We recommend at least a 6 hour course for best results for beginners, optimally a 12 hour full intro course.


  • IKS Certified Kiteboarding Instructor
  • All Equipment and Materials

Advanced Classes: Include techniques like up wind riding, jump, freestyle, and autonomous rider.  You can sign up for a beginner and advanced class at the same time, then you'll pick up the advanced techniques after your beginners class.


Activity Reg Price Our Price You Save!
Beg 4 Hour Pvt $270.00 $256.50 5%
Beg 4 Hour Grp $220.00 $209.00 5%
Int 6 Hour Pvt $350.00 $332.50 5%
Int 6 Hour Grp $280.00 $266.00 5%
Beg 12 Hour Pvt $600.00 $570.00 5%
Beg 12 Hour Grp $450.00 $427.50 5%
Adv 2 Hour Pvt $135.00 $128.25 5%
Adv 2 Hour Grp $110.00 $104.50 5%
Adv 3 Hour Pvt $195.00 $185.25 5%
Adv 3 Hour Grp $150.00 $142.50 5%
Prices are Per Person and Include All Taxes and Fees.

Date Time People Package

Don't worry - English is our First Language!


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Playa del Carmen Kiteboarding

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Don't Forget:

Kids:  Ages 10 and up.  Kids same price as adults.

Cruise Passengers:  This tour is compatible with some cruise schedules, but is located about 40 minutes south of the Calica cruise pier.

Beginner 4 Hours:

Learn Basics of Kiteboarding
Mostly on the Beach
A Few Tries in the Water
Kiteboarding Theory and Safety
Trainer Kite Practice
Setting the Sea Kite
Self-Rescue Beach Practice
Flying the Sea Kite
Safety Practice
First Body Drag

Intermediate 6 Hours:

Control the Power
Water Techniques
Up-Wind Body Drag
Board Up-Wind Body Drag
Self-Rescue Sea Practice
Get on the Board and Learn the Water Start


Turning, Upwind Riding, Simple Jump, Frontside Riding